Namaste and welcome!

Hello to all, and thanks so much for reading. After almost five years of teaching yoga, and more of blogging, mostly about music, I wanted to stretch out (pun only vaguely intended) into the online yoga world. I hope to share thoughts, tips, and reflections on the physical practice, teaching, wellness tips, and the joy and challenges I find in trying to apply the lessons I learn on the mat elsewhere.

(Now, to the logistics… I’m aiming for one full post and one playlist from a class I taught per week, and maybe a link or quote in the interim between posts, so do check back often.)
And why the title? It actually comes from the end of an old Prince song. (I’m not linking to it, because although it’s an amazing track, but decidedly NSFW.) I love Prince, and I think he’s on to something here. In our go-go-go, harried, commercial culture, peace is a pretty wild concept. If you don’t think so, tell someone you’re going on a five day silent retreat and see how they react. Many of us, myself included, have spent a tremendous amount of time trying to fit ourselves into little boxes- social roles, body images, income brackets, whatever. For me, the practice of yoga is wild- a physical expression of the expansion, the freedom that we all want somewhere inside.

If we’re going to be free, we have to be willing to be wild.  So enjoy the ride.



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3 Responses to Namaste and welcome!

  1. Julia says:

    hey wild thang, so glad you break all the rules and are fully yourself! much love from the west coast,

  2. Alison Fisher says:

    Great to hear from you Pat. Keep your yogic thoughts coming.

  3. awesome dude, love this writing, can tell it is from your heart and experience !!!!!!!gr8
    keep it up

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