Meatless Mondays- how bad can it be?

I try to stay out of the “what is a yogic diet” battles that are almost inherent in yoga culture in the States and elsewhere, but I loved this post on today. (background- in “honor” of Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity”, Salon has been honoring various public figures who they perceive to be promoting common sense solutions to some of the problems that are driving the body politic bat you-know-what.)

Sid Lerner is a former advertising “mad man” best know for getting us to buy Charmain toilet paper, who has pitched to the country the idea of going meat free on Mondays.  Not so hard, right?  Definitely good for you.  And apparently, better environmentally than eating local red meat.  (follow the link on the Salon post)  And best of all, he’s gotten big food buyers, including celebrity chefs and big school districts, to sign on.

As someone who eats no meat and a little fish, Meatless Mondays aren’t a big deal.  But a good idea for all of us- improve your own health, and do a little to save the planet?  Why not.

P.S.- I’ve updated my links page to include three Boston area holistic nutritionists who I think very highly of, and would recommend to anyone.  They don’t come at their clients with any agenda except to make you healthier and to better enjoy your relationship with food, and I can get completely down with that…

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