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from ee cummings: i thank You God for most this amazing day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky;and for everything wich is natural which is infinite which is yes (i who have died … Continue reading

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I ain’t really that old, I just om that way…

My current reading, now that I polished off Dennis Lehane’s sequel to Gone Baby Gone (fun, exceptionally well crafted, but not as compelling as the original) is Yoga Body, by scholar Mark Singleton.  Singleton (no relation, to my knowledge, to … Continue reading

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Playlist- Beacon Hill Athletic, 11/20/10

I got a request to post this playlist from one of my students.  This one happened somewhat on the fly- the class started warm and strong, with a lot of pulsing movements, hence the Prince and the late add of … Continue reading

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Quote for the week- enlightenment

“Enlightenment is always there. Small enlightenment will bring great enlightenment. If you breathe in and are aware that you are alive—that you can touch the miracle of being alive—then that is a kind of enlightenment.” Thich Naht Hahn

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You’re speaking my language- yoga poses decoded

When I was first starting to practice yoga, one of the jarring things about taking class was the funny words- the lingua franca of yoga is Sanskrit, the ancestor of modern Indian dialects and one of the early Indo-European root … Continue reading

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staying on the ball

Thanks to everyone who came to my “Evolve and Grow” workshop on Saturday at Prana Power Yoga.  We had a great time with a full house of students and curious teachers, laying out the basics of postural patterning and using … Continue reading

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Playlist- Prana 2 Music 11/5/10

When I first started practicing yoga seriously, most classes had either no music or very swooshy new age background music.  That has changed, but most classes I teach at studios are still sans tunes.  So it’s a lot of fun … Continue reading

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