I ain’t really that old, I just om that way…

My current reading, now that I polished off Dennis Lehane’s sequel to Gone Baby Gone (fun, exceptionally well crafted, but not as compelling as the original) is Yoga Body, by scholar Mark Singleton.  Singleton (no relation, to my knowledge, to prominent Boston yoga teacher Gregor) is featured prominently in this month’s Yoga Journal, talking about his book, which puts forth the (very well-supported) thesis that our physical yoga practice is neither as old nor as Indian as we thought it was.  Which is a bit of a gut check for me, and many other people I’ve talked to.

I’ll have much more to say when I’m done (it’s a dense, scholarly read, so don’t hold your breath waiting), but I didn’t want to wait until then to tell you that if you’re serious about yoga in any form, I think this is a must-read.  Fantastic teacher Jill Miller blogs about it in a way that I find very useful.

Have any of you, dear readers, read the book, or the press surrounding Yoga Body (more of it here)?  Thoughts?

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2 Responses to I ain’t really that old, I just om that way…

  1. Jen C. says:

    Every religion, creed, practice in this world is studied and critiqued. Yoga is no different. I think Mark Singleton’s thesis brings Yoga down to earth as an incredible practice that is evolving and will continue to do so. The point of Singleton’s thesis is not to tear down one’s devotion to Yoga. Instead, he reminds us that just as we need to be grounded in our practice, in and off the mat, we need to be mindful about Yoga’s humble beginnings.

  2. Anthe Kelley says:

    Hello, there– please bring your passion and inquisitiveness this Sunday– we’re hosting Mark Singleton at Akasha Studio in JP (www.akashastudiojp.com). He will be delivering a lecture and slideshow and then a Q and A which can, more or less, become a forum for discussion (which he welcomes). So I’d love to have as many passionate teachers, practitioners, etc. be part of the amazing opportunity to engage this author, referred to as the premier scholar on modern yoga, in person!!!
    Sunday from 6-9 PM at Akasha Studio 14 Meehan St. Floor 2, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

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