Video: hatching your crow

I still remember when I first started practicing yoga, the thrill of sticking bakasana, crow, for the first time.  There’s something really exciting about carrying yourself on your hands, even if it’s only for a second.  So the first two videos here will address crow, how to start to get into it, and then how to start to branch out of it into other arm balances.

This flow requires two blocks- if you don’t have blocks, a long blanket or two paperback books of the same size will do the trick.  I recommend warming up beforehand, maybe with some sun salutations and/or some abdominal work.  (friend OmGal has a sneaky-nasty one here, and there’s a demo of the legendary Forrest abs here, and I’ll add my own soon.)

Disclaimer: I am still a newbie to this whole movie editing thing, so there will be some cosmetic edits to the video, and it may be taken down and put back up with edits over the next couple of days.  I beg your patience, and feedback. I already caught one mistake I’ll correct- your feet go under your hands in padahastasana…)

Special thanks to Sandy Kalik for her help in shooting this short.

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