Playlist- Prana 2 Music, 12/3/10

I’m especially proud of this last playlist- but not for anything I did.  The first two cuts, featuring friends Vijay Iyer and Darcy James Argue, are celebrating the fact that they are both nominated for Grammys!  Vijay (who honestly is more of an acquaintance) is a spectacular pianist, and his trio album “Historiocity” deservedly made most jazz top 10 lists last year, and got a nomination for best album by a jazz group.  I mentioned Darcy in the post about feedback, and he and the band are nominated for best large group album.  The rest was just fun- I’ve been singing “Wanna Be…” all week for some reason.  Maybe I do!

Human Nature           6:09       Vijay Iyer                       Solo

Phobos                         11:03 Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society     Infernal Machines

Love Song #1              4:04      Me’Shell Ndegéocello  Comfort Woman

1968                             4:38      Bill Frisell                      Unspeakable

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ 6:03   Michael Jackson        Thriller

I Wish                          4:13  Stevie Wonder               Songs In The Key Of Life (Disc 1)

Funky Drummer (Bonus Beat Reprise) 3:00      James Brown      In The Jungle Groove

Me Myself And I 3:50         De La Soul                 3 Feet High And Rising

Let Go               4:14              FrouFrou                 Details

Think of Me  3:10                 Rosi Golan                 The Drifter and the Gypsy

Trouble            5:12               Lizz Wright         Dreaming Wide Awake

Baba Hanuman 12:16            Heather and Benjy Wertheimer         Sri


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One Response to Playlist- Prana 2 Music, 12/3/10

  1. Siri says:

    Really love vijay.heard him on NPR interviewed by terri gross .it’s been awhile since I’ve heard him’s great someone else interjects jazz in their play lists.

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