Alde Lang Syneasana

Does touching your toes count as remembering an old acquaintance?

Seriously, I am working on a New Years post, but in the meantime I wanted to invite you, dear readers, to join the hot new trend of posing in the new year.  No, not in the Madonna vogue kind of way, in the other Madonna kind of way- more and more yoga studios are offering yoga parties to bring in 2011.  Here in Boston, South Boston Yoga, Baptiste, Prana, and Back Bay Yoga are all offering classes to take you to midnight, and many other studios are offering New Year’s themed workshops earlier in the day.  (I will be teaching a fun, music-filled class at Prana Newton at 11pm, and taking a workshop earlier in the day at South Boston.  Do sign up now, if it moves you- most of the above classes will sell out.)

Yoga on New Year’s Eve has become something of a tradition for me- I’ve taken classes for four years now, even dragged a girlfriend to one, and teaching this year feels both like an honor and like coming full circle, paying it forward.  It’s also nice that after class there’s a little hang, but I’m home sober and before the crazies hit the roadways.  More importantly, since so many New Years resolutions seem to focus on taking better care of ourselves, de-stressing and generally being happier, why not start early?

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