Playlists for the new year- Prana NYE, and Prana Acoustic 1/2

A belated happy 2011 to everyone!

A couple of playlists to kick off this blog’s 2011. On New Year’s Eve, I had the pleasure of teaching in 2011 with a fun class at Prana Newton. The playlist has a bunch of old favorites, as well as one of my little pleasures- Celtic reggae. Something about the combination of Celtic and reggae rhythms, and the unique cadence of the Gaelic tongue of my ancestors really works for me.


Prayer to Shakyamuni Buddha 5:39 Ben Leinbach & Jai Uttal           Loveland

Everybody Is a Star 3:04                    Sly & The Family Stone              Greatest Hits

Freedom 6:31                                        George Michael                     Listen Without Prejudice

There’s Hope 3:56                                India.Arie          Testimony: Vol. 1 Life & Relationship

Ón Taobh Tuathail Amach 3:54          Kila                                          Tóg É Go Bóg É

Everyday 4:44                                         Dave Matthews Band          Everyday

God Shiva 4:09                                      Me’Shell Ndegéocello           Peace Beyond Passion

Superstition 4:26                                  Stevie Wonder                      Talking Book

In the Midnight Hour 2:35                Wilson Pickett                        A Man and a Half

Life Is Good Blues 2:36                       Laura Veirs                           July Flame

Love Puts on a New Face 3:46          Joni Mitchell                         Taming the Tiger

He Ma Durga (Mac Quayle Remix) 6:21 Donna De Lory

Have A Little Faith In Me 5:43          Bill Frisell                             Have A Little Faith

This second one goes up at the request of a student and fellow teacher. I’m particularly enamored with Sonos, a trendy acapella group I just happened to hear on the radio. They do a lot of alt-rock covers (Radiohead, Fleet Foxes) but I love how they take this perpetually perky Jackson 5 tune ad make the music better fit the lyric. Also, audiophiles should get to know the Book of Ways, a two disc set of clavichord improvisations.  (Clavichord is a parlor instrument which predates the piano, with the tambre of a harpsichord but the dynamic control of a piano.  A really unusual, lovely sound) Enjoy!


Resonance 3:37                                   Departure                 Canyon Trilogy

A Good Day (Morning Song) 3:24   Priscilla Ahn             A Good Day

Say Ladeo 8:44                                   Bobby McFerrin       Vocabularies

Om Namah Shivaya 4:51              Wade Imre Morissette  Sargam Scales of Music

Family Name 3:00                        Peter Bradley Adams      Traces

Journey Home 9:07                       Maria Schneider             Allegresse

I Want You Back 3:38                   Sonos                                SONOSings

Bajrangi Hanuman 6:09           Jai Uttal & The Pagan Love Orchestra   Shiva Station

St. Thomas 6:49                        Sonny Rollins                                 Saxophone Colussus

Prism 5:21                                  Charlie Haden                              American Dreams

Crazy 3:31                                   Shawn Colvin

Book Of Ways 7 3:34                 Keith Jarrett                     Book Of Ways [Disc 1]

Life Is Good Blues 2:36            Laura Veirs                         July Flame

Prayer 4:39                                  Danilo Perez                        Motherland

Diamonds In the Sun 6:01         Girish                                   Diamonds In the Sun

What’s Her Name Today? 4:58    The Sweetest Punch: Songs Of Elvis Costello And Burt Bacharach

The Rainbow Connection 4:30     Willie Nelson                  Rainbow Connection

Crested Hens 5:14                           Solas                                 Solas

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One Response to Playlists for the new year- Prana NYE, and Prana Acoustic 1/2

  1. amy feucht says:

    These look awesome can’t wait to check it out! Thanks Pat!

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