Playlist- 4/25/11, Prana2Music, Count your blessings.

I’m delighted that I have one more Prana2Music class on my schedule- my 7:30pm on Monday nights is now getting its groove on.  And I had requests for this list as I spun it, much to my delight so here ’tis:

Fahrenheit Fair Enough 6:40 Telefone Tel Aviv Farenheit Fair Enough

Neti-Neti, The Hear & Now Remix  6:22 Audio Letter feat. Don Cherry

Devaki 3:29 Irene Soléa Irene Soléa

Count Your Blessings 4:24 Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley Distant Relatives

Guru Bramha (Sunkist Remix) 5:27 Jai Uttal & The Pagan Love Orchestra Shiva Station

Barbados 6:20 Joe Lovano Us Five Bird Songs

I Want You Back 3:38 Sonos SONOSings

High Low (featuring Zap Mama) 4:02 Michael Franti All Rebel Rockers

Photo Op 7:35 James Carney Offset Rhapsody

We’ll Be Together 4:56 Sting Nothing Like The Sun

Most Precious One 2:51 Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band Season Of Changes

Love And Blessings 4:18 Paul Simon So Beautiful Or So What

Have A Little Faith In Me 5:43 Bill Frisell Have A Little Faith

Maurizius 8:14 Eberhard Weber Later That Evening

A few notes- a lot of old favorites here, with some additions.  I’m addicted to this Nas/Marley track, so much so that I may have to go buy the album.  (though, to be honest, I prefer the Letterman version here.  The DJ makes it for me.)  And the Paul Simon is one from the new one, which I’m really digging.  And I actually got to here a new mix of Irene’s “Devaki” today in the yoga class I took- here CD is enroute, and should be great!  

More soon… count your blessings.

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