Acroyoga immersion, day 2: yet

One of my private clients, Mary, is a remarkable woman, a polio survivor turned marathoner.  The combination of the two, and some other things  (she can tell you the fuller story) meant that as a yoga practitioner,  some things came slowly.  She always starts our sessions with a list of things she encountered in her body, or poses she came across taking class that her body hadn’t taken on.  At first, she’d say “well I couldn’t do crow”, or some other pose.  And I would say “yet, you couldn’t do crow yet.”  Which she liked, and I think she liked more when she stuck crow last week!

I was thinking about Mary today, and working with “yet”.  For me in many ways until now the acro practice has always involved a lot of “yet”.  Star (a sort of shoulderstand on someone’s feet)?  Maybe, but not yet.  Or at least, not confidently.  Balancing someone on my hands?  Not yet.  Serious acrobatic transitions?  Not yet.

But there comes a time when not yet has to be now.  And for my acro practice, this week seems to be that time.  Because the teachers are calling all of the above (and then some), and more folks than not are doing it in some form.  And to my surprise, I’ve hung with everything called to date.  Not always in the most graceful, camera ready fashion, mind you (hence still no photos), but, with a lot of support and encouragement from my amazing monkey colleagues and teachers, I’ve executed at some level every maneuver we’ve done thus far.  There’s years of work yet to do, needless to say; it starts with a long hot shower as soon as I finish writing this.  But yet is turning into now.

There comes a time, when if you want what you say you want, yet has to become now. Novel concept, eh?

UPDATE: after day 3, I’m both exhausted and don’t have much to add.  Right now it’s all glorious process.  Look for a wrap-up Monday morning or so!

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