Acro day 5: and Play.

The last two days of the acrobatics immersion I took were something of a blur, compounded by taking a redeye back to Boston that night.  I didn’t completely feel “back” until yesterday (Sunday).  Hence the slow finish.  Most of the last two days layered onto the work we’d been doing towards more advanced acrobatics, up to and occasionally including hand-on-hand handstands.  (Not for me personally, but I saw it.  And did some other cool stuff which eluded cameras)  Suffice to say, it was a blast.

On the final day, Jason (one of AcroYoga’s two founders) gave a little talk at lunchtime for folks who are interested in pursuing teacher training with AcroYoga.  Which was most of us.  In the midst of basically trying to talk people out of it in the nicest way possible (reason: there are about 30 teacher training slots each year, meaning it’s almost certain that not all of us would be accepted.  I may pursue being one of them, but that remains to be seen), Jason talked about how this brand has developed, and where he sees it going. He emphasized the idea of play in the practice, giving grown-ups (or so we call ourselves) a safe, constructive place to play.  How often do we have that in adult life, especially where there’s no inherent competition?

One constant in my acro practice since I started almost three years ago is that I can’t think of a single acro class where I didn’t laugh.  A bunch.  Even when I was in the middle of a breakup, or dealing with family stuff, it was impossible not to laugh at yourself and the class.  And to know that at least once a week I have an invitation to play is vital.

What do you do to play?  What would you like to do?  What are you waiting for?

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