Playlist- weekend of 10/15/11

Kind Folk           Kenny Wheeler         Angel Song

Citric Motion     Glen Velez                  Rhythms of Awakening

Gaia Nector        Masood Ali Khan  The Yoga Sessions

When You’re Falling (feat. Peter Gabriel)   Afro Celt Sound System Volume 3

Walk The Dinosaur     Was (Not Was)      What Up, Dog? 

Ja-Sha-Taan                  Fun-Da-Mental      Asian Travels

Love Is The 7th Wave    Sting                        The Dream Of The Blue Turtles

Funky Drummer (Bonus Beat) James Brown In The Jungle Groove

Say Hey (I Love You)                 Michael Franti  All Rebel Rockers

Shri Krishna                               Jai Uttal               Mondo Rama

Chant                                            Peter Bradley Adams Gather Up

How Deep Is Your Love           The Bad Plus   For All I Care (Joined By Wendy Lewis)

Unconditional                            Ron Miles        Stone

Bathe In These Waters            Donna De Lory       Sanctuary

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