Playlist- Prana Acoustic 11/6/11, the Joni Mitchell tribute

Today (Monday) marks the 68th birthday of Roberta Joan Anderson, better known to the world as Joni Mitchell.  Joni has been one of my heroes since I was introduced to her in college; she is a remarkable musician, unflinching social critic and master storyteller. Thus far she’s the only musician I’ve ever built a whole playlist around; there is so much fantastic music, and so many great covers of her stuff by artists in all sorts of genres. And, how often do I get to put so my of my disparate musical heroes- Joni, Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock (on “Court and Spark”), Prince, Caetano Veloso, Fred Hersch, Jaco Pastorious (on the “Amelia” and “Hejira”)- together in one sitting.  This is the frame of the list I’ve used all weekend- Happy Birthday Joni!

Court and Spark (feat. Norah Jones) 7:36 Herbie Hancock River – The Joni Letters

All I Want 2:32               Steinar Raknes  Tangos, Ballads & More

Harlem in Havana 4:27 Joni Mitchell     Taming the Tiger

God Must Be a Boogie Man 5:52           Marc Ducret, Michel Benita & Aaron Scott             La théorie du pilier

This Flight Tonight 2:53                         Joni Mitchell           Blue

Chelsea Morning 3:41         Kate McGarry             Mercy Streets

My Old Man 6:34                Fred Hersch                 Let Yourself Go

Black Crow 4:38                  Cassandra Wilson        Blue Light Til Dawn

Dreamland 4:56                   Caetano Veloso            A Tribute to Joni Mitchel

A Case of You 3:30               Prince                           A Tribute to Joni Mitchell

Love Puts on a New Face 3:46 Joni Mitchell         Taming the Tiger

Amelia                          Joni Mitchell Shadows & Light

Pat’s Solo 3:06            Joni Mitchell Shadows & Light

Hejira 7:52                  Joni Mitchell Shadows & Light

Sweet Bird 4:12         Joni Mitchell The Hissing Of Summer Lawns

I Don’t Know Where I Stand 6:53    Marc Copland Alone

Both Sides Now 5:45            Joni Mitchell Both Sides Now

You’ve Got a Friend 6:39    Jacky Terrasson Mirror

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