Playlist- Prana2Music, 11/14/11

Folks seemed to like this one, so here it is.  As a musician, I am a big fan of albums, the notion of a series of songs or compositions thought of together, rather than just one offs. (Some weeks I’ll just settle for a CD where more than half of the songs are at least decent) Napster and iTunes have really chipped away at the album as a concept, but several of the albums represented here are good examples.  (Al Green’s “I’m Still in Love..”, Weber’s “Later that Evening”, and the Meshell and Paul Simon albums.  Every Joni record on the last playlist qualifies, certainly.  And the Death Cab album, while not on the level of Al Green and the like, is pretty good)  So enjoy, and if you don’t know Al Green, you don’t know what you’re missing…

Weightless      3:44 Courtney Jones Awake & Dreaming

Everybody Wants To Rule The World 5:38 The Bad Plus Prog

Go To Mexico 4:15 Cassandra Wilson Thunderbird

Love And Happiness 5:07 Al Green I’m Still In Love With You

You Are A Tourist 4:47 Death Cab For Cutie Codes And Keys

Air India 4:35 Dum Dum Project Desi Vibes

Thankful 4:04 Jonny Lang Turn Around

Body 3:42 Me’Shell Ndegéocello Comfort Woman

Devotional 8:12 Tabla Beat Science Tala Matrix

Procissao 6:50 Bill Frisell The Intercontinentals

Born At The Right Time 3:48 Paul Simon Rhythm Of The Saints

Stay Young, Go Dancing 2:50 Death Cab For Cutie Codes And Keys

Stoner Hill 3:19 Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band Season Of Changes

Time After Time 4:08 Cassandra Wilson Traveling Miles

Calgary 4:10 Bon Iver Bon Iver

Maurizius 8:14 Eberhard Weber Later That Evening

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