looking on, the road is empty…

Why is it that something as arbitrary as the dates December 31 and January 1st leads to a myriad of lists, recollections, resolutions, naval gazing?  It seems as humans, we like beginnings and endings, even if they’re arbitrary.  So, the end of 2011 comes, and we look back and look forward.

In the circles I run in, it seems that this New Year’s has some real gravity to it.  Maybe it’s the weight of the times, the recession and all the uncertainty, angst, and activism it’s brought, which will no doubt crystalize in the impending election.  Maybe it’s that the Mayan calendar does indeed end in 2012 (though I don’t think they’re telling us this automatically means cataclysm) and the “Aquarian Age dawns”.  (The Kundalini yogis have a fair bit to say about this- I defer to them.)

I don’t yet have any opinions worth voicing on any of the above.  This year has brought those close to me more than their share of brushes with mortality on this plane, and it has made me even more steadfast in my belief that the best thing I can do in uncertain times is to take care of my business, and from there the big picture will unfold as it does.  (That sounds “yogic”, right?)  I can’t be certain it’s the right call, but it’s the call that is most likely to keep me in one piece, and of best use to my students.

To all my readers, thank you for reading, for commenting, for caring.  My wish for all in 2012 is that you can be useful, and you can be happy.  Happy New Year!

(P.S.  The title of this post comes from the band Azimuth, a trio of spectacular musicians including Kenny Wheeler, whose name you see on some of the playlists.  There’s no online version of Looking On, but here’s one you may enjoy.)

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