I don’t usually get too personal on the blog, but I wanted to share a couple of little gems I was blessed to be a part of this week.  On Sunday I was at Gillette Stadium, assisting at this year’s Yoga Reaches Out event, a “yogathon” to benefit autism research and Africa Yoga Project.  It was really inspiring to see so many pepole (at least 700) roll out their mats because they love yoga and believe that it is a healing force, for themselves and beyond themselves.  A warm thank you to everyone involved, and I look forward to doing it again!

(by the way YRO has already raised over $400,000, but haven’t hit all their goals.  Donations can still be made here.  And there is another event slated soon for the Bay Area.)

On a much smaller, more personal note, yesterday I picked up a last-minute sub at Equinox in Back Bay… just in time for a power outage.  Very minimal lights (no candles per fire code), no music- what a mess, right?  Not at all, actually.  We rolled with it, playing off the darkness and inviting a practice with eyes closed.  If you’ve never tried it, I can’t recommend it enough.  On a physical level, it lets you know hom much you mI’ve from your core (or don’t) and how much you rely on your eyes.  On a more subtle level, it is tremendously quieting- when our eyes are open we are absorbing information whether we want to or not; when we allow that one sense gate to close, a lot of other things are allowed to quiet.

And today I saw the Avengers, which was a fun sensory overload, one I’m also grateful for.   It’s important to feel grateful, to people, to event, to things; it’s a reminder that we are always part of a bigger picture, and when we embrace it rather that trying to fight it or own it, we feel better, things go better, everybody wins…

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