Playlist- South Boston Yoga 5/15

I haven’t posted a playlist in awhile, so here it is, and I like it a lot.  A medium-heavy dose of Peter Gabriel, which is generally a good thing…

Hineni 10:24          Heather and Benjy Wertheimer       Sri

Sky Blue 6:38        Peter Gabriel                                       Up

Os Passistas 3:24  Caetano Veloso                                   Livro

Morning Bell 5:43 Chris Potter                                         Underground

Beyond The Zero 9:08     Asana 2: Moving Meditation The Meta Collection

Down to Earth 5:58    Peter Gabriel           WALL•E (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Be Thankful for What You’ve Got 4:10    Massive Attack          Blue Lines

Spirit Voices 3:56  Paul Simon                  Rhythm Of The Saints

Um Tom 2:30   Caetano Veloso                 Livro

Pipe Down 6:50  Bill Frisell                      Nashville

Don’t Give Up 6:33 Peter Gabriel                              So

You’ve Got a Friend 6:39  Jacky Terrasson               Mirror

What’s Her Name Today? 4:58 Bill Frisell et al      The Sweetest Punch

The Power of the Heart 5:52 Peter Gabriel             Scratch My Back

Love Theme (fr. Cinema Paradiso) 3:37 Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden Beyond the Missouri Sky

Berliner Messe – 7. Sanctus 4:05           Arvo Pärt         Te Deum

If you’ve never seen the Blind Boys of Alabama, this is worth waiting for…

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