Playlist- South Boston Yoga, 5/22

And now, a playlist for ecstatic hip opening…

S’Albufera 4:04  Kamikaze Ground Crew         Postcards from the Highwire

Say Ladeo 8:44  Bobby McFerrin                       Vocabularies

1968        4:38            Bill Frisell                         Unspeakable

One God Dub 8:18    Kaya                                   Project Yoga Sol

Good Intentions 3:48 Me’Shell Ndegéocello    Comfort Woman

Come Talk to Me 6:20 Bon Iver                         Flume

Concrete Wall      3:36  Zee Avi                           Ghostbird

Pepé Linque 4:24         Oregon                             Crossing

Faith 3:39                      Lake Street Dive            Fun Machine

At the Still Point 4:49 Story                                The Angel in the House

July Flame 3:45             Laura Veirs                   July Flame

Le Niger 7:59            The Touré-Raichel Collective   The Tel Aviv Session

Bolo Radhe Shyam 5:32  Geoffrey Gordon                 Yoga Trance Dance

Boubacar 6:14                   Bill Frisell                            The Intercontinentals

Mercy Angel 4:19             Brian Blade                           Mama Rosa

No Net Below 3:22        Jonatha Brooke                      Back in the Circus

Bijou 4:18                       James Farm                              James Farm

Nothing Compares 2 U 4:35  Svein Olav Herstad Trio  Inventio

I should mention that Lake Street Dive (two of whom I’ve gigged with) have a new EP out.  I like the EP version I played, but I like this version better…

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2 Responses to Playlist- South Boston Yoga, 5/22

  1. Shannon says:

    You should make these on Grooveshark so we can listen to your lists!

    • pdonaher says:

      Hi Shannon- I’ve actually consciously decided against this, because the artists receive no royalties at all. (See my recent post on spotify) As someone who at some point may want to start getting some royalties on albums, I wouldn’t do that to other artists who are actually trying to do it for a living.

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