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A few thoughts while I attempt pull a video through the editing process…

– I’ve been meaning to write a post about philosophies being sold alongside yoga these days, but Deborah Williamson, yoga teacher and entrepeneur, beat me to it with a certain, shall we say, panache I wouldn’t have attempted.  I’ll do my nerdier version later, but I think her sentiments are dead on.  The sooner we extract “The Secret” and all it’s ilk from our language as yoga teachers and practitioners, the better chance we have of letting yoga actually change the world.

It’s not that self-care isn’t important; it’s critical if you want to keep going.  But it’s self-care, not self-aggrandizement, not self-immolation.

– I was blessed to teach a remarkable private lesson last week.  As I usually do, I asked my client, a very dedicated and remarkable practitioner, what she wanted to work on.  And she said “I want to become best friends with my breath.”  Her version of the story is over here.

My version of the story: I was stopped in my tracks; this is not a request I get every day, even with a student like Mary.  But at once what a remarkable and what a practical request.  Most of us don’t have to fight for our breath quite as hard as Mary has had to, but at the same time do we take the time to claim it and treasure it as she does?

The most available pathway to liberation in this life is the breath.  This is not hippy-yoga talk, this is the reality; most of us at most breath at about a third of our capacity.  And when we gain full access to our breath, there is an automatic feeling of freedom and empowerment.  Why the hell WOULDN’T we want to be best friends with our breath?

Hmmm, maybe that’s the next video…

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