Small is beautiful (I’m teaching new classes!)

Lest I bury the lead- I’m pleased to announce that I am leading two new public classes at The Breathing Room, a lovely intimate new yoga and healing space in Central Square, Cambridge.  The classes will be small- we’re capping them at nine people.  They are two six-week series of classes, one Sunday mornings at 7:30am, and the other Thursday nights at 7:30pm.  Cost and sign-up info are here.

Why so small?  Well, small is beautiful, right?  Haven’t you had that moment at a party where the crowd has thinned, and it’s just four or five people talking, really talking, and that’s what you remember?  Or that little park that feels like a secret even when it’s not.  I think there’s a part of us that craves that intimacy, not necessarily in a romantic sense, but in finding places where we feel both a strong sense of belonging and a closeness that can only happen in little spaces.

One of the “fathers” of the modern practice of physical yoga certainly felt this way too. T.K.V. Desikachar, the son-in law and senior student of the legendary Krishnamacharaya.  (I’ve mentioned Krishnamacharaya on the blog; even if you’ve never heard of him, you’ve probably heard of his other two most famous students, Pahhabi Jois, creater of (postural) Ashtanga Yoga, and some guy named Iyengar.)  The major reasons Desikachar is less well known is that for most of his professional life, his largest class was three people. Hence, not so famous…

Desikachar preached there are just far too many variations in the human body to prescribe a one-pose-fits-all description, so the only way to work is with an intimate teacher/student relationship. I love this model, it’s just impossible to “take it to scale” in the world we live in.  As a teacher, you typically have to either charge a ton, or be willing to work for peanuts, neither of which works in the long run.

So I’m glad to be able to offer this alternative.  Justin Bernold, the creator of the Breathing Room, has created a model where teachers can offer affordable classes to small groups, and still make enough money for it to be attractive to the teachers.  Several other wonderful teachers have signed on for the fall, but right now I’m the only teacher for the rest of the summer.  If you’re not in my neighborhoood, try seeking out a little class, or an open practice; you’ll be glad you did.  If you’re around Cambridge, I hope you’ll join me.

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