New video- wring out to ring in, part 1

Last week I posted a video based on some of the post-Thanksgiving classes I taught.  This video is cut into three short flows- beginner, all-level, and a little harder.  I put a lot of emphasis on twists, which create muscular and organ compression which help cleanse and detox the body.  Kind of like wringing out a sponge, right?  These classes are always popular this time of year, where it’s easy to succumb to that extra sugar cookie or the angst that the holidays have been known to bring up.

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of this flow, or any kind of “detox” work,  I think it’s really useful to think intentionally about what we’re doing.  Detoxification makes space in the body; it clears out toxins, be they chemical, biological or mental, much like cleaning our houses or offices.  But what do we then do with that space.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done a thorough apartment cleaning, and by three days later without thinking have stuff on the floor again.  Perhaps instead of just looking for the “ahhh” that comes with this kind of practice, it may be useful to set an intention about what we’re going to fill that space WITH.  It may be choosing to keep it empty, or replacing cookies with fruit, or complaints with gratitude.  But do choose.

A full rundown of the asana, with some suggestions on how to practice, come tomorrow.  In the meantime enjoy!

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