Mindful, embodied

I’m spending time this week revisiting and revising the materials for my next Yoga Body anatomy workshop.  (you can, and should, sign up here!)  A lot of the workshop deals with posture, and how it affects movement and structure.  That’s right, structure.  Every day we are consciously or unconsciously choosing what we feel in our bodies by how and how much we walk, stand, hunch, stiffen and relax.  No movement is inherently “good” or “bad”, but the aggregate of our movements goes a long way in determining our mobility, and our comfort in our bodies.  (and not just aches and pains.  Posture can have a dramatic impact on digestion, sexual function, cognition, you name it.  It’s pretty amazing)

Yoga, we hear again and again, is first and foremost a mindfulness practice- being present to what is going on, then acting from that awareness.  If this is as hard for you as it is for me, posture is a great place to start.  Where is your body right now, reading this?  Is it comfortable?  If not, what can you do to make it so?  (I’d suggest standing up, for one thing)  The only way to get embodied- comfortable and powerful in our physical being- is to start paying attention to what’s going on, and making sure really we like how it feels.   Mindful leads to embodied.

There’s plenty of amazing ways to correct imbalance in the body, some of which we hit on this blog, or certainly by my colleagues here.  But holding balance is an inside job.

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