New Playlist- 7/25/13, Beacon Hill Athletic

I had a request for this one, so here ’tis.  (more regular blogging will resume in the fall):

Everything In Its Right Place           Sonos                          SONOSings

Harlem in Havana                             Joni Mitchell               Taming the Tiger

Os Passistas                                       Caetano Veloso          Livro

Something Beautiful                         Alexi Murdoch           unreleased

I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart     Thelonious Monk      Plays Duke Ellington

Pick Somebody Up                            Raul Midon                A World Within a World

Standing Ngoma                                James Asher               Shaman Drums

Got ‘Til It’s Gone                                Janet Jackson             The Velvet Rope

Jaia Ganesha Featuring The Ishanti                        Dum Dum Project     Desi Vibes

Express Yourself                   Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band            Express Yourself – The Best of Rhythm Band            R&B/Soul

One God Dub                         Kaya Project                          Yoga Sol

Room In My Heart                             Jonatha Brooke          Steady Pull

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih (Mangala Mantra)                                                                     Patthabhi Jois and Robert Musso     Asana 3: Peaceful Heart

Be Still My Heart                               Peter Bradley Adams              Between Us

Ekki Múkk                                          Sigur Rós                    Valtari

My God Is Real                                   Krishna Das               Gathering In the Light



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