Poise beats pouting

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of heading down to Austin for my youngest cousin’s wedding.  Between the largest gathering of family we’ve had in awhile, a fantastic rendezvous with the Austin AcroYoga community, a fun little Yoga Tune-Up workshop (complete with many, many ball jokes) some amazing eats and music, and a lovely ceremony, we had a great old Texas time (I have the boots to prove it).

One of the highlights of family weddings is welcoming the other folks who are, like it or not, marrying into our family- siblings, parents, cousins of the bride or groom. (in my house they’re jokingly called the “outlaws”)  Every wedding brings a new batch of folks into the fold.  They’ve taught me baggo, some line dancing, and hell, thanks to the “outlaws” there’s another yoga teacher in my family.  This merging was in some ways even bigger; Josh, my cousin’s new husband, has a lovely five-year old daughter, who was one of the stars of the weekend’s events.  In an elegant gesture, before the vows were exchanged, she was asked to come up and acknowledge the creation of this new family, with her squarely in the center. It was lovely, and touching and…

She really wasn’t having it.  Whether it was all the people or all the commotion or just (understandable) fatigue, she made it tremendously obvious that she’d much rather be on her grandma’s lap then at the center of the ceremony.  So, without much fuss, the couple and the minister just brought the ceremony to her.  And for the rest of the night, she was fine.  No fuss, no drama- it was in it’s own way just perfect.

In other hands, I’m not sure everything would’ve gone so gracefully, but here it certainly did.  I was tremendously grateful to witness this, not just because all ended well, but because it was a reminder to me that our practice is not for the easy moments, but for the challenging ones.  This is why I do yoga- in the hope that the poise I uncover on the mat will translate well beyond it.


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