Looking at what I see

This weekend I was in Austin, TX for Acrogasm (yes, that’s what it’s called, and every joke that could happen does).  It’s a fantastically fun high level AcroYoga workshop, where we do things like this:

1558561_10151904518692098_2116569807_n  As a warm up…  My friend Shana clearly loved this move…

When I wasn’t busy with people climbing all over me, I got to catch up with friends, eat Tex-Mex, and generally decompress.  I don’t travel a ton, but when I do I tend to walk a lot more; I’ll try to take three different ways to the same place just to see more little things.  And there’s plenty for me to take in there- the beautiful, stark landscape, the cool little bits of public art all over the place (Boston does cows, Austin does guitars), the difference in fauna (many more cacti and agar plants in the front yard).

And it hit me as I was walking- when I’m traveling I tend to notice more, because it feels new and special and novel.  Traveling opens up me up to my sense of wonder, seeing the remarkable in the everyday.  But do I really need travel to do that?*  I live in a place with a ton of interesting structures, natural and otherwise, and interesting people and places and music.  I just notice less.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m not one for big New Year’s Resolutions.  Working little things consistently creates bigger change for me.  And one things this trip reminded me of was my potential for wonder, and how fantastic that feels.  (and as one who has a lot of big creative projects unfolding, wonder is a useful creative tool)  And now that I’ve been reminded of that capacity, I don’t need a plane ride to find it.

(*To be fair, I won’t see this everyday):


Photo credits: Earl McGee– thank you for all the time you put in with us this weekend!

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