About Pat

Pat Donaher started practicing yoga almost fifteen years ago, and for the last five years has taught yoga, first internationally and now several studios and fitness centers in the Boston area.  His classes combine careful alignment with creative sequencing and a spirit of play.  Off the mat, he is a professional musician getting ready to release his third CD, Who We Are Together.


2 Responses to About Pat

  1. Nik Curry says:

    Hi, Pat
    Really enjoyed the site! Found you via the postural patterning term. Loved the Ghandi page, thanks. I’m a physio in New Zealand and teach Postural Patterning to other physio’s and any one else I can get to. I’ve just put up the PP website – learning how really. I did some work with Yoga teachers in Honalulu last year and was kind of surprised to find they were carrying the saeme injuriy levels and postural problems as everyone else – they were just better at it. Ciao Nik

  2. tom says:

    Dear Pat. Glad to know you like Prince too.

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