Where I teach:

Prana Power Yoga

Spirit Bear Power Yoga

Equinox Fitness

Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs

Where I practice (other than, of course, where I teach)

South Boston Yoga (I’ve completed their 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings)

Back Bay Yoga

Baptiste Power Yoga (I did level one teacher training with Baron in 2007)

Sweat and Soul Yoga

All One Yoga

Stil Studio

Kula (NYC)

Blogs I’m reading:


Perusals and Peregrinations

Taylor Wells- Super-Mom

There are a lot of non-yoga, mostly music blogs I read listed at my music blog,visionsong.

My teachers (as in I take with them every chance I get, not that they specifically endorse my work):

David Vendetti

Jill Miller

Ana Forrest

Tom Meyers

Todd Skoglund

Seane Corn

Inspiration on philosophy and yoga:

Ram Dass

Byron Katie

Andrew Cohen

(note: Each of these persons is a controversial figure for how they put their work into the world, and/or the retreats and communities they lead.  Each has been accused of being a cultist.  I neither deny nor endorse those assertions.  I sincerely believe that these people possess tremendous insights that can help a great number of people, that have certaily helped me, and that we should take their ideas and writings seriously, whether or not we choose to endorse them as public figures.  Okay, disclaimer over, go Google them yourselves)

Beautiful people in Boston with wisdom on food and nutrition:


Michelle Leota Pfenninghouse

Coleen Bryant Palmer

More to come, and suggestions are welcome…


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