New Playlist- South Boston Yoga, 10-23-12

Posting has taken a back seat to some planning (more below) and some family stuff, but now hopefully it’ll be more regular again.  This playlist actually came about from one line of Paul Simon’s Under African Skies:

“This is the story of how we begin to remember”

Ram Dass, a yogi I admire very much, describes his mission as to “Love, serve, remember”.  Remember who we are when we’re not stuck in our heads or our stories.  To remember what our bodies can when we stop berating them.  My mom was watching our 9-month old cousin on Monday, and I was reminded of the authenticity of toddlers- the seeming thousand noises that spontaneously come out of their mouths, their clear statements of what they want- they giggle, they cry, they coo.  It reminds me to begin to remember- enjoy!

Maurizius 8:14 Eberhard Weber Later That Evening

Baba Drame 5:21 Bill Frisell The Intercontinentals

I’ll Notice 5:44 Becca Stevens Weightless

All I Want 3:34 Joni Mitchell Blue

Meet Me In The Twilight 3:40 Jennifer Kimball Veering From The Wave

We’ll Be Together 4:56 Sting Nothing Like The Sun

White Fang 5:42 Bill Frisell Unspeakable

Under African Skies 3:37 Paul Simon Graceland

Photo Op 7:35 James Carney Offset Rhapsody

Dazzling Blue 4:32 Paul Simon So Beautiful Or So What

Nights Interlude 4:38 Nightmares On Wax The Future Sound Of Jazz

Farenheit Far Away 4:38 Telefone Tel Aviv Farenheit Fair Enough Electronic

Another Galaxy 5:22 Paul Simon Surprise

Remember 7:36 Buckethead The Meta Collection

Listen 6:48 Bill Frisell The Intercontinentals

Dusk 6:58 Garth Stevenson Flying

Now, about that planning- this Saturday I lead a long, fun workshop for teachers and serious students about sequencing.  I’m basically trying to distill how I choose what to present in class.  Materials provided, fun to be had.  You can sign up here!

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